UV Balls

The Vision UV golf balls are the only balls on the market that not only absorb the sun's UV rays to make them brighter, but they are also fully conforming with USGA regulations.  This patented and cutting edge technology provides the latest in golf ball innovation.  By absorbing the sun's UV rays, the Vision UV golf balls become more visible and easily track able both on the ground and while in the air.  This features performs best in low light conditions, on overcast days, early morning or evening rounds.  The technology is so effective, that after exposed to sun light, they will even glow in the dark.

Vision Golf currently offers their UV absorbing balls in both the Gel Series as well as the X3 Series.

Gel Series
Core Compression - 70/75
Dimple Pattern - "Real Straight" self correcting 312 dimple pattern
Compares to - Wilson Duo 2.5, Bridgestone E5, Titleist NXT, Titleist DT Solo, Callaway HX Hot.

X3 Series
Core Compression - 80/85
Dimple Pattern - "Real Straight" self correcting 312 dimple pattern
Comparison products as a guide : E6 / NXT Tour / Trispeed Tour / RX330 / HX Hot Bite

Cost: $39.95/Dozen

Vision Benefits

EZ 2 SEE Large Numbers
No more crouching down to read
your ball’s number.

Long and Straight
The Vision tek dimple pattern creating increased length
and improved accuracy.

Multi-Layer Power
The Vision concentric circles icon shows this ball has Vision’s advanced power technology with the use of multiple components.
  • Brightest Clear White color with low friction Slickcoat finish.
  • Flexi-Gel Low Spin Blend cover for added durability and unique premium soft feel.
  • Lower Driver side spin than most other premium designs for long, straight drives and full iron shots.
  • Softer/Solid Feel, Overall Compression of 70/75 with High COR due to the use of the Hot Dual Density Core.